Advantages of using Mobile Drum Mix Continuous Asphalt Plants

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Advantages of using Mobile Drum Mix Continuous Asphalt Plants

It is a highly efficient and popular means of delivering asphalt instead of batch mixing plants. This highly portable technique is cost effective and readily available for an array of capacities.

A few of the benefits of ordering asphalt mobile drum mix plants include:

* They can be delivered on towable units which are fully mobile around the roads

* Merely a minimum volume of foundations are essential

* They guide to make certain a quick erection on-site

* The loads are fully tested and pre-wired at the factory before they can be delivered

* They produce only limited dust emissions

Components of mobile asphalt plant

Sand - this can be a key ingredient in producing road-stone. Sand often has relatively high water content which needs to be boiled off, this equates into a significant part of the price of warming up the aggregate and therefore a tremendous value of the complete operation.

Binder - you can find different grades of binder used sometimes called "pen" or "penetration" grades. Their values vary between 30 - 300. The binder used carries a direct influence on the workability of the asphalt while it is hot and the stiffness which may be expected once they have cooled.

Filler - as you may have guessed the filler is exactly what can be used to fill voids in between the grains of aggregate and can serve to improve how the overall mix wears. This is stored and then fed dry for the mixture either during or sometimes after the binder is added.

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